What Debts Cannot Be Discharged?

Memphis Debt Attorney

What Debts Cannot Be Discharged?

Memphis Debt Attorney discusses “What Debts Cannot Be Discharged?”

Bankruptcy will not get rid of student loans, personal injury awards caused by driving under the influence, court fines and criminal restitution, alimony, or child support.

Tax debts incurred within the last 3 years are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, but taxes owed for returns filed more than 3 years ago are dischargeable.

If you took a large cash advance or made unusually large credit card charges within 6 months of filing bankruptcy, your creditor will probably sue to stop this debt from being discharged.

On the other hand, debts commonly relieved by bankruptcy include medical bills, personal loans, collection accounts, money judgments that do not claim fraud, deficiency balances, and credit card debt.

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