Why File Bankruptcy?

file Bankruptcy in Memphis

Why File Bankruptcy?

Most people who file bankruptcy are completely overwhelmed by their debts.  

You may have lost your job and the new one you found doesn’t pay nearly as well.  Your family may be facing large unreimbursed medical expenses.   Perhaps a divorce or business failure has devastated your finances.  Or maybe you got caught up in the foreclosure crisis. 

Creditors and collectors are hounding you.   Your paycheck may have been garnished and you are now unable to live on what remains.  Your marriage might be buckling under the financial strain.

You might be ready to tap your IRA or 401k to pay creditors.  That would put the short term before the long term, and would be a major mistake.  Maybe you are thinking about paying off the unsecured debts, like medical bills and credit cards, rather than focusing on secured debts like mortgages and car loans.  That would also be a mistake.

If you are facing any of these financial decisions and pressures, you should talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney about whether obtaining a fresh start through bankruptcy is right for you.  

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